Project Notifications

We've rebuilt Fieldlens notifications from the ground up to bring you a better way to stay on top of your projects in Fieldlens. 




Where to find your new notification settings: 

On the web:

Access notifications by choosing "Settings" in your user menu at the top right of the web app, then "Notifications" from the menu at the left. 

On iOS and Android:

Access notifications from the profile menu in the Projects list, or use the shortcut in the overflow menu from your Project Feed. 


Default notification settings for all projects 

These are the default settings we'll use on all your projects, both those you're on now as well as any new projects you're added to in the future. 

Mobile push notifications - Toggle on mobile push notifications to get a push message directly to your mobile device when updates are posted. Make sure you've enabled push notifications from Fieldlens on your device in order to get them. 

Get notified by email - Turn on instant email notifications to get an email right away, add these updates to your daily Fieldlens email, both, or neither. 


Mix and match push notifications and emails for the following buckets to customize the way you get notified on all your projects - just set it once and forget it. 

See the chart below for available filter options and the settings Fieldlens recommends - we'll apply these settings to all your projects by default. 

Updates to posts... Mobile Push  Emails

Assigned to you

Updates to any posts where you've been assigned. A quick way to make sure you're always on top of your tasks. 

Instantly Instantly

Sent to you, or you've responded

Updates to any post where you're a recipient, or a post that was addressed to your company, where you've added a reply. Think of it as a way to help you cut through the noise on a busy project. 

Instantly Instantly

Assigned to your company

Updates to any post where your company has been assigned. An easy way to keep track of progress on work your team is responsible for.  

None Instantly

Sent to your company

Updates to any post that was sent to your company. Make sure you don't miss crucial project communications. 

None Daily

Posted by you

Updates to your posts. Get notified when your recipients or assignees respond to your posts. 

Instantly Instantly


Project-specific settings 

Just looking to get notified of unread posts on a given project? Or how about turning off notifications on a job that no longer needs your attention? Project-specific settings let you get as granular as you'd like so you can stay up to date your way. 

The same options apply here - mix and match mobile push notifications, instant and daily emails, or mute options. 

  • Set custom notifications on a Quick Filter on any project. For example, get notified instantly when a post matches your "At risk" filter. 
  • Save a custom quick filter from your Project Feed to get creative. Try saving a custom Quick Filter with a keyword search for "delay" and then use Project-specific notifications to include posts with that keyword in your daily email update. If you can filter or search to find it, you can get notified about it! 
  • Easily turn off all notifications on a given project without affecting your other settings by choosing "Mute". Comes in handy if you're no longer involved on a project, or just have a few days off and want to hit pause on a busy project. 


Instant Emails

Our new instant email notifications make it easier than ever to stay up to date on project progress. We've redesigned these emails to be easier to read with better contrast in direct sunlight, and with mobile in mind. Quickly get the information you need: 

  • Who posted?
  • Who's assigned, and when are they due? 
  • What's waiting for you in the app? Get a summary of photos, video, resource tracking and more. 
  • See recent comments as they're added.

Daily Emails

Daily emails are sent at 5pm in the project's time zone, and include updates that have occurred in the last 24 hours (if there isn't anything new, you won't receive one). When you select to be notified by email "Daily" we'll add posts that match the filter you selected to your daily email.

For example, you might choose to include updates to posts Assigned to your Company, Assigned by Me, and All Unread. For each of these buckets, you'll see the latest on a few posts that fit that criteria, plus a total count of posts to see in the app. Click or tap the link to see a filtered project feed of posts matching that filter. 

Customize your daily email using saved filters to get only what's important to you.