Adding People to Projects


You can add more people or companies to your project whenever you need to, from both your mobile device and the web.

If you add Fieldlens users to your project, it will add them and their company; if you need to add someone that is not a Fieldlens user you'll just need their email address.

The People page serves as your project directory and contains profile information for the companies and people on the job.

If you've added someone to the project that does not have a Fieldlens account, you and/or your Project Organizer can complete their profile details.

Adding people from mobile

From the bottom of your project's Feed, tap the People icon to view the project's directory. You'll see a list of the companies and people on the Fieldlens project with you.

At the bottom of the list you can tap "Add more people to project, or tap the + People button from the top right.

You can choose from a list of suggested people to add based on people you've worked with before, or scroll down to see a list of people from your phone's contacts.

You can also type in an email address to add someone that is not in your contacts.

Once you've specified the people you'd like to add, tap Next from the top right.

Each person you add will receive an email invitation - you can edit the message from this screen before sending.

Adding people from the web

Similar to the mobile experience, you add people from the web by first clicking into the People page from the top of your screen, and then clicking + Add people to project from the upper right.

You'll see a pop up window with suggestions of people you've worked with before. You can click the dropdown menu to switch to just a list of people from your company.

Click on a name to add them, or type in an email address to add someone new. You'll see the selected people on the right-hand sidebar.

When ready, click Next to move on to the welcome email screen. You can edit this email if you like - when ready, click Add and send.

Once you've added people from the web, you'll have an opportunity to fill out the company and profile information for anyone invited that does not have a Fieldlens account. You'll find details on how to do that in the following sections.

Adding people when posting

When creating a new post, or adding to an existing post, it's possible to include an email address in the Send to or Assignee fields.

If the email address belongs to a Fieldlens user, both the user and their company will automatically be added to the Fieldlens project.

If they are not a Fieldlens user, they will receive the post details in an email. Their email address will be added to the People page as well, and either you or the Project Organizer can enter profile details for them from the web app.

Managing the directory

If you or someone else on the project have added a person to Fieldlens that does not have an account, they will show up on your People page as an email address. These unclaimed profiles can be edited from the web app.

Unclaimed profiles are profiles within the People page that have not been claimed - people that have been added to the project, but that don't yet have a Fieldlens account.

If you added the person to the project you will be able to add details such as their name, title, company, and phone number to your directory. Project Organizers can add in these details for any unclaimed profiles.

Once the person does create a Fieldlens account, they will be able to update and manage their own company and user profiles.

From the People page, use the drop-down menu to filter for unclaimed profiles or unclaimed profiles with only partial information.

Add a company

If a profile is unclaimed you can create their company within Fieldlens and associate their email with it. You can also add them to a company that has already been created.

When creating a new company, you will need to select the company type:

  • General Contractor/Construction Manager
  • Subcontractor/Supplier
  • Owner/Owner's Rep
  • Designer/Consultant

Once a company type is selected you will select the appropriate discipline from the drop-down menu.

Editing company profile details

Once you've added the company, you can add details like the company phone number, email and address.

Click on the company name and then Company Profile. Click Edit in the upper right, fill in the appropriate details, and then click Save in the bottom right.

Editing the user's profile

You can also edit the user profile itself to add the person's name, title, and phone number.

Click their name within the People page, then Edit from the top right. Enter in the details and click Save at the bottom right.

 Removing people

Only a Project Organizer can remove people from a project.

To remove someone from your project, click into the People page from the web app, and then use the search bar or filters to find the right user profile, or simply scroll down the list.

Click on the name of the person you'd like to remove - this will open their user profile. At the bottom left you'll see Remove from project. Click that and then the confirmation to remove them.