The New Fieldlens - June 2016

We’ve made some major changes to Fieldlens with this release, including several powerful new features and a whole new look and feel - and we’ve removed a few things as well.

If you’re looking for the nitty gritty detail on everything that’s changed, we’ve listed it out for you here.

New Features

Focus keeps each person on track with a list of what’s due or coming due, any posts that need to be closed, and a whole lot more. 

You’ll find Focus in the bottom navigation on your mobile device, or in the side panel to the right of your feed on web.

Read more about Focus here.

Insights (web only)

Fieldlens will now automatically take the posts from your team - even the ones that have already been created - and deliver back to you real project analytics so you know where things stand  and who’s performing well, and who isn’t. Within the Insights page you’ll find:

  • Project overview with a summary of post count and status changes over time.
  • Status by Assignee, Category, Location.
  • Days to Close - analysis of the average days to close by each assignee.
  • Resource Tracking - summary of manpower, equipment or anything else your team is accounting for.

Find the Insights page from the top of the web app, and read more about the feature here.

Pulse (web only) gives you an at-a-glance view of the status of your project’s posts as well as any trending posts, categories, locations or drawings.

Read more about Pulse here.

Void is a new post status. If you make a mistake with a post you can now mark it as “Void.” This removes it from the project Feed, though you can still find and reactivate it if you need to.

Branding & Navigation changes

The Fieldlens app has a whole new look and feel - new logo and colors as well as some changes to both our web and mobile navigation that should help you get to the information you need faster.

We’ve also improved the search and filter experience and redesigned the Feed to help your media look its best. Fieldlens as a whole will feel more friendly and conversational.

And your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; we have made the “L” lowercase in our name - from FieldLens to Fieldlens.

Web navigation changes:

  • Your filters are now in a slideout panel to the left.
  • The right sidebar displays the new Focus and Pulse features.
  • You’ll see a new Insights section at the top of the page.
  • Instead of a + New Report button, you’ll see “Export as…” at the top of your feed with options to export your posts as a PDF Report, Summary CSV, or Resource Tracking CSV.

iOS and Android changes:

  • You now have a fast action bar at the bottom of your Project - you’ll see Feed, Focus, Drawings and People.
  • You’ll see “post” or “posts” most places where the word “item” used to be.
  • Your “Run Item Report” button now says “Export Posts” -- works the same as before.

What got the chop: 

  • Archive - it is no longer possible to archive unassigned posts (observations). Previously archived posts will now be marked “Void.” If you’d prefer to have them be reactivated instead, please let us know.  
  • Shared filters - it is no longer possible to share a custom quick filter with other users. It is, however, possible to create as many custom filters as you please - that hasn’t gone away.
  • Default Feed - it is no longer possible to mark a filter as your default feed.