Focus is your best bud. It reminds you what you need to do right now and what's coming up by keeping track of the posts you and the project team are creating each day and surfacing the things that are a priority. 

Focus is updated in real time and lists things out in order of urgency: what’s due first with anything past due called out up top.

Focus helps you keep track of:

  • Work that you or your team have been assigned that’s due soon or past due.
  • Work that you've assigned to someone else that is due soon or past due.
  • Work that is finished and ready for your review.

You’ll see the summary counts of posts in each category, and you can tap the Focus notification to view all of those posts in detail.

As you buzz through your list and update posts your team will automatically be in the loop. When you get those counts down to zero, you’ll see the notifications disappear.