Insights is the dashboard of your dreams: It takes the quick, simple posts from the field and turns them into real project analytics. 

Insights give you the most reliable and current information possible since everything is based on realtime info from the field. You can see who’s performing and who’s not, get up-to-the-minute information about your resources, and cut down on the painful operational overhead your crew is probably doing now. 

Note: Insights is available on the web app:

With Insights you get:

  • A project overview with a summary of post count and status by assignee, category and location.
  • Days to Close - analysis of the average days to close by assignee.
  • Resource Tracking - summary of manpower, equipment or anything else your team is accounting for.

Where do these Insights come from? 

From posts! The more information your field team posts, the richer your insights will get.

  1. Posts from the mobile app. Your field team should include locations, categories, and assignees. These can be added to any post in just a couple of taps. Read how here.

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  2. Time from open to close as measured per assignee.

  3. The Resource Tracking feature. Your field crew can add resources to any post. Read how here.

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Using the Insights Page

Filter - on the top left of the page you'll see a filter menu. Click that to change dates, companies, users, post flags and more. Available filters are dependent on the particular page. 

Zoom - zoom in on a particular part of a chart by dragging your mouse across the appropriate section. It will highlight your selection and zoom in once your mouse button is released.

Search - when hovering over a table you'll see a search icon in the upper right hand corner. Click that to search within your table for a specific line or lines of data. 

Downloading data - when hovering over a chart or table you'll see an option in the upper right corner to download the data as an CSV. With charts you'll also be able to download the chart as a picture (.PNG file).