Reports FAQ

Can I see a list of all reports that I've run?

If you log in to the web app, you can click the Manage link in the Exported Reports bar located to the lower right next to your Feed. This will take you to a list of all the reports you've run. 

Who else can see my reports?

Your reports will get sent to you automatically. They will also get sent to anyone you include in the Share field from the report form. A Company Admin from your company will also be able to see any reports you've run or scheduled from the Reports page on the web app.

How do I add weather to my report?

Weather can be added to any Fieldlens post during both creation and reaction, and those posts can then be included in your report. This will pull the weather automatically based on your project's postal code; automated weather can be edited if needed.

Can I print out the drawings in my reports?

You can choose to include full size drawings in your reports. These can be printed on a large format printer. Drawings will only be included in your report if there are posts associated with that specific drawing. You can initiate a drawing report from the Feed or directly from the drawing viewer.