Post FAQ

How do I update a Fieldlens post?

Fieldlens posts are often active conversations, complete with questions, answers, and sometimes debates. They are ongoing documentation of work getting done. Anyone who can view a post can react in a variety of ways - adding pictures or video, markups, categories, changing their status (if they are an assignee), and more. 

How do I create a Task?

To turn a post into a task, just tap the assignee icon in the bottom toolbar when creating a new post, or enter an assignee(s) into the "Assign" field on the web. You will then be able to set a due date for the task - or for individual assignees. 

What does 'Void' do, and how can I view a post marked 'Void'?

Voiding a post in Fieldlens removes that post from the Feed and isolates it from the rest of the project posts. This action will void the post for all users - not just the user doing the action. Users will still be able to view a post marked 'void' by selecting the 'Marked Void' post status filter on the web in your quick filters section. 

A post marked 'void' can be reactivated by its creator, or someone in the creator's company, from the web app or by reacting to the post from the web. Posts marked 'void' will currently not appear on your mobile device or in reports. 

What do I see so many drafts in my "Drafts" quick filter?

The "Drafts" quick filter includes all drafts saved by you and your company. All of your drafts can be seen by other users from your company on your project, unless you remove your company name from the 'To' field.

When I send someone a post or assign a task to them, what does the email they receive look like?

The email that goes out to anyone you assign a task to or include on a post will display your name, the name of the project, and a preview of the post. The recipient can click a link to see the full post on Fieldlens.

Recipients can respond to the email directly, and their response - along with any attachments they include - will post back to Fieldlens. They will also have the option to sign up for a Fieldlens account.

Why is my company included on posts by default?

Keeping your team in the loop is automatic - users from your company that are on the project will automatically see what you're posting, and vice-versa. If you do not want your company to be included on a post, you can always remove them. 

One of the benefits of including or sharing your company on your posts is that if a new user joins your project team, they'll automatically have access to everything that's been posted before.

Can I edit a post after it's been posted?

We know typos are a pain in the arse. But no, you can't edit a post once it's been posted. It's important, because so many people use Fieldlens as the record on their construction projects, that nothing gets altered maliciously. A couple of things you can do after posting:

- Edit the post title.
- Duplicate the post, edit the content, and mark the old post as 'void' to remove it from the Feed (will remove for all users). You will still be able to access the post marked 'void' via your Feed's quick filters. 

Some folks save their posts as drafts and return to them when they have a little more time to scan and review.