We’ve made it easy to quickly hone in on what you need to do today with Focus, and on any active spots on the job with Pulse. Instead of scanning your feed for work you owe, or filtering to check up on assignees with pressing due dates, just look to Focus - to the right of your Feed on the web or in the menu at the bottom of your screen on mobile. To get realtime post counts, or see what's trending - look to the right of your Feed on web. 

That said, sometimes you need to get a question answered, fast. Filter your Feed, your way, to isolate the exact info you're looking for on mobile or web. We'd recommend saving the filters you commonly use as "Quick Filters" from the web, so they'll be available in a tap, anytime, on mobile. 

Filtering on the web 

Quick Filters 

At the top your feed you'll find Quick Filters, a dropdown with preset filter options to help you find what you need, fast.

Saving Custom Quick Filters 

Use the "Save" button to the right to save a custom Quick Filter for later, and it will appear in your dropdown, as well as on your mobile device. 

Managing Saved Custom Quick Filters

At the bottom of your Quick Filter dropdown menu, you'll find an option to "Manage quick filters". Head here to rename or delete any of your existing saved filters. Any changes you make here will be synced to your mobile device. 

Advanced Filters 

At the left of your screen you'll see the Filter drawer - click anywhere to open and access the full suite of filtering options. Mix and match to find exactly what you're looking for. 


Tip: Use the "Clear" button at the top of your feed to return to your "Everything" default filter any time. 


On your mobile device...

Quick Filters 

Access your Quick Filters (including any custom ones you've saved from the web) by tapping the "Everything" dropdown at the top of your feed. 


Advanced Filters 

To access advanced filter options, tap the magnifying glass at the top right of your feed. From here, mix and match filters and keyword search to narrow down your feed.