Drawing Revisions

Uploading revisions or updates

If you are using the Fieldlens Drawings Uploader, you should save the new bulletin in the same file location on your computer as the previous set. Since that folder has been linked to the Uploader you will then just need to open the uploader and click the appropriate project name. The new PDFs will be recognized - click "Sync" to upload them.

If you are using the Basic Uploader, you can upload the new file or files using the file selector or just drag and drop. (Need help uploading? Read HERE.)

With either method of uploading, once the drawings are done processing they will automatically be matched to the previous versions in the system. Drawings are matched by comparing the drawing number in the existing plan’s title box with that of the newly uploaded version.

Project Organizers will be prompted to approve the matches from the Drawings page on the web app.

Reviewing Matched Drawings

On the drawings page of the web app you can review matched drawings one at a time or quickly move through all potential matches. Each drawing with matches will have a green Review button, or you can click the green "Review # Matches" button at the bottom of the screen.


Once clicked you’ll see a side by side comparison of the title boxes of the old and new version. Click “Confirm Match” to approve the revision. You’ll see a pre-checked box to make the new version the most recent. Keep in mind - only the most recent version will be available to your team.

Incorrect matches

If Fieldlens is incorrectly matching your drawings you can simply enter a new plan number for the drawing on the left. This will search the system and display any other potential matches.

If it’s a completely new plan just enter the new plan number and click “Add,” or click “Delete” at the bottom if you no longer need that upload.

Viewing older versions

Once a new version of a plan is approved it will be available for download on mobile devices. Older versions remain available only from the web app.

To view and possibly redistribute earlier versions, click "Edit" from the bottom right (thumbnail view) or from the menu to the right (list view). Once you're looking at the Edit screen you'll see a Version dropdown at the bottom of the window, along with the date and time of the current version. Use that dropdown to view and select previous versions. Click "Make current" if you'd like to distribute the earlier version back out to your team.


If a drawing has been removed from the drawings list, you'll need to use the sidebar filters to find and view it (Project Organizers only).