Create a Recurring Report For Your Team

It can be beneficial to have reports set up to run and be distributed to the whole team on a recurring basis — especially for those who are rarely at their computers or on their phones to get updates. 

As always, reports are generated based on posts created by the project team. In the case of recurring reports, they'll be generated and sent automatically, and you'll never have to worry that anyone on the team is missing out on info they need. 


We recommend having a central person set up all of your projects - that person will automatically be on the project and can set up reports for the team. Or — if you’ve been added to a project by someone else — we recommend adding your Company Admin to the project to set up reports.

Add your Company Admin to the project:

  1. From the People tab inside the project and click "+Add people to project." Enter your Company Admin's name into the search field or click "Suggested people" and change to "My Company" to scan the list. Don't know who your Company Admin is? Read this
  2. Select your Admin from the list.
  3. Tap/click "Next."
  4. Edit (if necessary) and send your message to add the person to your project. 

Ask your Admin to set up a recurring report from the web:

Let your Admin know your desired recurrence (from weekly to every 15 weeks), day and time, and ask them to follow these steps to set it up. (If you have a team distribution list such as "" or "," your Admin can enter that into the "Share" field — otherwise they'll need to add each team member's email individually... but just this once.)