Daily Reports - The Fieldlens Way

Sure, you can keep do a daily report the way you’ve been doing them. Or, you could save yourself a whole lot of time every day. If that second option sounds good, read on.

The time-saving approach: walk and post

  1. Log in to Fieldlens.
  2. Tap the New Post button in the app when you see something that needs to be documented on the jobsite.
  3. Snap a photo or take a short video, give it a title. Description and details are optional.
  4. Hit Post to share with your team.

Repeat throughout the day, as needed.

Wait, how does this qualify as a report?

Because your team has access to your Feed (a live list of everything that’s happening on the jobsite), these quick posts you create throughout the day are available instantly as you create them, keeping everyone in the loop. Your Pulse section tells you how the team's tracking on tasks and what's trending on the project without having to scroll. Now, your "report" reaches your team even faster.

The team back at the office and other folks in the field see what you're seeing - on their phone, tablet, desktop or laptop — anywhere.

If the office still requires a paper report, or you need to get a copy to someone who doesn’t use the app, you can also do this quickly with Fieldlens. Here’s how:

  1. Post throughout the day, as described above.
  2. From the web, click "Export Report" from the top of your Feed and select Post History Report (PDF) from the list. 
    From the mobile apps, tap the paper icon in the top-right corner on your feed to export your posts.
  3. Name your report.
  4. Enter the emails of anyone you’d like to share the report with.
  5. Hit Send.

Posts from your project team are automatically sent in a branded PDF report, including any pictures and links to video.

Advanced Tips: 

Want to get specific about what's included? Try combining filters or keyword search to find what you need. Or, from the web app Feed, switch to List View and use the checkboxes to select individual posts to export.

From the web app you can automate reports - frequently Daily Reports will be scheduled to run every weekday at a specific time.

Whats next? Add more to your posts:

Add a description - it can be as basic or detailed as you'd like.

Add categories and locations - these details will help you and others on your team find the information quickly in Fieldlens and on the jobsite, and it will also factor into the Trending section of your Project Pulse