Project Setup FAQ

What is a project and how is it organized?

Fieldlens is organized by project — just like your job.

Each project has its own Feed - all the activity being documented on the project happens in real time including general posts (like notes and progress photos), tasks assigned to specific assignees, safety items, and deficiencies (posts that pertain to punch list and pre-punch).

Each project will have a People page that contains contact details of all users and companies on the project. 

Locations and categories are organizational tools that can (and should!) be set up to allow for better documentation of jobsite issues.

Who can create a project?

Any Fieldlens user can create a project. The creator of the project will be the Project Organizer by default and have the ability to upload and manage project plans, as well as create and manage project locations and categories.

Why does a project need a postal code?

Fieldlens uses the zip code to pull current project weather, which can be automatically included within any Fieldlens post.

What does "People" mean in Fieldlens? 

Every project within Fieldlens has its own directory of the companies and users on that project. Access that by clicking People (formerly Directory) across the top of the web app, or in the slide out menu on your mobile device. 

Fieldlens users maintain their own profiles. Profiles include phone number, email address and other contact information. Each registered company will also have a company administrator that will maintain their company profile.

How do I edit or delete a location?

Only a Project Organizer can edit locations. Once edited, the change will be made for all future and past posts. In other words, if you change the spelling of a location, or make it a sub-location, that change will be retroactive to anything your team has posted previously, as well as what users will see for new posts they are creating.

Here's how to do it: click gear icon in the project name from the top of the web app, and select Manage Locations. Click the wrench icon next to the location you'd like to edit. You'll see options to rename, duplicate, move, deactivate, or reactivate that location as needed.

Do you have a recommended master list of categories?

Sure do!

Many of our users ask for an example list of Categories to start their project with. Below is our recommendation - it can be edited or added to, or discarded entirely, depending on the needs of your project. 

Indented bullets indicate a sub-category, a level of categories nested under the one above.

  • Change Order
  • Clean up
  • Daily Log
    • Aerial Photography
    • Delay
      • Materials Delayed
      • Trade Delay
      • Weather Delay
    • Delivery
    • Demo
    • Grading
    • Inspections
    • In Wall
    • Materials
      • Shortage
      • Extra Materials
    • Progress
    • SWPPP
    • Unforeseen condition
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Punch List
    • Patch and Paint
    • Pre-Punch
    • Repair Access Door
    • Repair Acoustical Panel
    • Repair Blocking
    • Repair Framing
    • Repair Insulation
    • Repair Wall
    • Repair/Replace Site Paving
    • Replace Ceiling Tile
    • Replace Slab
  • QA/QC
    • Damage
    • Poor Workmanship
    • Water Damage/Leak
    • Work to complete
  • RFI
  • Safety
    • Proactive
    • Temp Protection
    • Toolbox Talk
    • Violation
      • Missing Hardhat
      • Missing Safety Glasses
      • No Harness
    • Weekly Memo
  • Submittal
  • Schedule Impact
  • Warranty Work

Can I archive or delete a project?

This functionality is coming, but for now, we're happy to do it for you. Please get in touch with us at or use the in-app help chat. We archive, rather than delete, so you can always get back to a project if you need to.