Drawings FAQ

If all my drawings are in a single PDF, will Fieldlens break them up into individual files? 

Yes. Fieldlens will break up a multi-page PDF document into individual drawings. Links within a single document like this will be maintained through both uploading methods.

What is the maximum size of a drawing file that I can add?

In both uploaders, an individual file may be up to 250mb in size. Any file over 250mb will result in a processing error.

How long will it take to process my drawings?

Processing times will vary depending on the number of files that you are uploading, as well as the processing queue of other users uploading at the same time.

During periods of high activity you may experience an extended waiting time.

How do I know when my files are done? 

The files you upload can be viewed in the processing queue, as well as their current status. (Only Project Organizers have access to the processing queue.) To see the queue, click the drop-down arrow on the "New Drawing" button and select “Processing Queue.” Use the “Status” drop-down on the upper left of the popup to see the files that are uploaded or processing.

When your drawings finish processing, you’ll be able to access them, edit their details, or approve/reject matches if it is a revision.

I’ve uploaded a large amount of files. How do I know which drawings came from each file? 

In the processing queue you can click on the file name to view a list of specific drawings associated with that particular file.

Now that my master set is uploaded, I've received a bulletin. What do I do? 

If you are using the Fieldlens Drawings Uploader, just save the new bulletin in the same file location as the previous set. You will then need to open the uploader and click the appropriate project name. The uploader will automatically detect any file changes.

Click "Sync" and the newly updated files will be sent for processing.

If you are using the web uploader, you can upload just the file or files that have been included in the bulletin. Once they are done processing, the drawings will automatically be matched to the previous versions in the system and you will be prompted to approve the match.

I am a Bluebeam user. How do I integrate with Fieldlens?

Automatic syncing between Bluebeam and Fieldlens is now available. Fieldlens can process PDF files from Bluebeam and will recognize links between drawings. Export your drawings from Bluebeam and upload them using the Fieldlens Drawings Uploader.

My files say they are synced in the Drawings Uploader but I don't see them in the web app. Why not?

Your files may still be processing. Click the drop-down arrow on the "New Drawing" button and select Processing Queue. Use the “Status” drop-down on the upper left of the popup to see if the files are still processing. If your drawings are taking an excessively long time to process, please reach out to your customer success coach at support@fieldlens.com.

What do I do if a file (pdf) has a status of "ERROR"?

You can reprocess a drawing that is in an "ERROR" state by clicking on the more options menu icon and selecting "Reprocess". If you are still experiencing an error, please contact your customer coach at support@fieldlens.com to check on why the file has an error.