Organize & Manage Drawings

Once your project plans have been uploaded we recommend spending a little time getting things organized. It’ll help you as the Project Organizer to manage the library of drawings and it will help the team in general find the right plan quickly.

All management of drawings takes place on the Drawings page of the web app.

Drawing names and numbers

Fieldlens sets the plan number and name automatically based on the information in the title box on the drawing. While this works for most PDF files, you should still double-check the names and numbers for accuracy.

To edit them simply hover over the drawing thumbnail (expanded view) or drawing name (list view) and click “Edit”. 

You’ll be able to click in and edit both name and number, as well as the discipline and locations as discussed below.


Fieldlens will also determine drawing disciplines by looking for industry-standard designators in the first few characters of the plan number. For example, a drawing called A-101 would automatically be assigned "Architectural," FP-101 would be assigned "Fire Protection," and E-201 would be assigned “Electrical.”

Click “Edit” while hovering over the drawing and then the discipline button to make any necessary changes.


You can add project locations to your drawings - then when you drop a pin on a plan the location will automatically be added to the post as well. You’ll also be able to search through your plans by location - so you can see a list of all plans of the 2nd floor, for example.

Click that same Edit button and then the Location button. You’ll see a list of any locations that have been set up and be able to add a new one if necessary.


Tags are used at the revision level rather than the drawing level. Tags are commonly used for plans with multiple revisions. Users will add the bulletin number to each revision as it comes in and is approved.

You can only add or edit tags from the list view of your drawings. To the right of each drawing in your list you’ll see a drop-down caret which will expand your list to show the version history of each drawing (even if there is only one drawing). Once expanded you’ll see the “Edit Tags” button.


On the sidebar of the drawings page you can access the drawings filters to refine your list to plans with posts associated with them, specific locations, categories or tags.


Multi-edit and Removing Drawings

When you hover over your drawings you’ll see a check box to the left (upper left on thumbnail view). You can select multiple drawings and bulk-edit categories, locations and tags.

You can also select drawings this way to remove them. Once one or more drawings are selected you’ll see a REMOVE button at the top right.  

Drawings that have been removed will no longer be accessible on mobile devices and only on the web for Project Organizers. Use the filters to the left of the drawings page to access and/or republish them.

If you want to remove the drawings from the web app entirely, please contact your customer success coach at to have them removed.

Learn about managing plan revisions HERE.