FAQs: Adding non-registered Companies and Users

What is an unclaimed company? 

An unclaimed company has no registered FieldLens users associated with it. The company was created by another FieldLens user to complete their project's People page.

Are unclaimed companies the same as other companies in FieldLens?

Yes and no. These are actual company profiles - but instead of FieldLens users, they will typically have email addresses associated with them - people that have been assigned/CC'd to an item, or invited to the project but not yet registered. 

However these companies can have items assigned to them, or be CC'd on items. All associated email addresses will receive an email with item content.

These companies will also be available within the Resource Tracking function of the app, and will appear in results when using the Add People feature on other projects.

What happens when one of those unregistered users DOES register?

Once one of those associated users registers for a FieldLens account that person claims the account - they will become the Company Administrator.

Who can create unclaimed companies and associate email addresses with them?

  • A Project Organizer has control over the People page. He or she can create a new company and associate any email address to the new company - provided, of course, that the email address is not already associated with a different company.
  • Any user can create a company and associate an email with it - provided they were the one that added the email address to the project in the first place.

    So if you add a person, you can create their company within the People page. But you can’t do it for emails that other people have added (unless you’re a Project Organizer).
  • A Company Administrator is able to grab email addresses from the People page and associate them with their own company.

How do I add an email address to a company?

Once you’ve navigated to the People page, click to the left of the email to select that email. You can select multiple email addresses.

Type in the company name and you'll have two options:

  1. If an unclaimed company (a company without any registered users) already exists on the project, you’ll be able to add users to that company. You cannot add users to a claimed company unless you are the Company Administrator for that company.
  2. Create a new unclaimed company. You will need to specify the company type and trade of any company you create. Any items that have been assigned to the specified trade will be automatically assigned to this new company.

Why do I see an email address that I’ve added already associated with a company?

There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. Someone else on the project already added them to a company.
  2. The email address that was added has a domain that matches the domain of an existing FieldLens company. When a company is created, FieldLens takes a look at the emails of the users in that company. If most of them have a unique company domain, we will associate that with the company, and automatically add other users with that same email domain.
  3. The user has already registered and claimed their account.

What if the email address I add to a company is on any other projects?

The newly created company will be added to any projects that the email address has been added to. This includes the trade discipline, and any items assigned to the discipline will be reassigned on all projects.