Add People

You can add more people or companies to your projects whenever you need to. You can also remove people from your projects. 

The People page - your project directory

Every Fieldlens project has its own directory of companies and users on that project. Access that by clicking “People” across the top of the web app or tapping it on the bottom of your mobile device. You can view a list of all users or view them by company.

Adding people and companies to your project

Access “Add People” via the button at the top of the People page on the web app, or via the upper right menu from the mobile app. You can enter a Fieldlens user’s name or any email address for non-users.

Adding Fieldlens users: The user you invite, and their company, will be added to the project directory.

Adding Non-users: Once you’ve sent the invite you’ll have the chance to add their contact and company information. They can fill in the gaps once they join and claim their own company profile.

After you select or add names to invite you’ll be given an opportunity to edit the default email sent to the invited people. When done click “Add and send” - this adds these invitees to the directory and sends the invite.

Removing someone from a project: If you are Project Organizer, you'll be able to remove people from that project. Just go to the People page and scan/search for the person or people you'd like to remove.

You'll notice a red "Remove from project button" at the bottom of the person's profile to take them off.