Start a new project in 3 steps

You can quickly create a project from either the web app or your mobile device - all you need is a project name and postal code. You can easily add your coworkers to the job and start posting in seconds.

STEP 1: New Project

  • Android & iOS: From the Projects page on your mobile device, tap the "+" in the top right.

  • Web: Click the project name at the top left to pop the projects modal, then click + New Project.

STEP 2: Give it a name & postal code

The postal code allows us to provide local weather to your team.

STEP 3: Add people

The people from your company or other companies that are on the job with you. You’ll see a suggested list of people to choose from. If the people you’re looking for aren’t there, you can search for them by name or add an email.

All added people will receive an email - which you can edit before sending - to let them know you’ve added them to your project.

All added people - whether Fieldlens users or not - can be found on the People page. Read how to complete project directory details HERE.

Your project is set up!

You and the project team can now start posting. As the Project Organizer, there are a few more powerful organizational tools that you may choose to set up. While much of it can be accomplished from your mobile device it may be easier to tackle from the web.

Upload and organize your drawings so your team can access them in the field. This must be done from the web.

Create your project locations so posts can be associated with the physical jobsite location of an issue. Locations can be set up on mobile, but we do recommend using the web and then locking them from further changes by your users. As Project Organizer you can always make changes.

Set your project categories so posts can be tagged appropriately by your users. Categories make it easier to group and report on posts - for example looking at all posts tagged “Delay.” Same recommendation - lock them from changes once set up.