Manage the Project Directory

Project Organizers have the ability to manage the project directory (“People” in the menu). This includes the ability to update the profile information of any users and companies that have not yet registered for Fieldlens. These unclaimed profiles can have contact and other information added to them.

Once they register, however, the new users will update and maintain their own - and their company’s - profiles.

Editing unclaimed profiles

Within the People page on the web app you’ll see a drop-down menu in the top center - click that and select “Edit profiles with missing info.”

You can click into these profiles and add them to a company - either one that has already been created but is still unclaimed, or a new one that you create on the spot. You’ll be able to update contact information for both these unclaimed user and company profiles.

Note: You can’t add users to a claimed company unless you’re an admin of that company.

As Project Organizer you’ll also be able to make other users a Project Organizer, or remove people from the project altogether.