Document a Safety Issue

Document jobsite safety issues, easily update your team, and track the issues through to resolution.

The steps below detail our recommendations for information to include. You may have different requirements for your team.


How to Enter Required Information

  1. From your mobile device, tap New Post.
  2. Add a title that will help easily identify the post in your Feed.
  3. Add a description of the safety issue, including any steps taken towards resolution.
  4. Tap the three-dot menu in the toolbar. 
  5. Select the safety post flag, then go back to your post.
  6. Add relevant photos or videos.
  7. Add assignees - companies, disciplines or people to the post to get it resolved.
  8. Add a due date or separate due dates for each assignee.
  9. Tap the pin icon in the toolbar to add a location to the post.
  10. Add a category - every post flagged "Safety" should be categorized. Common examples include: Fall Hazard, Trip Hazard, Needs Immediate Attention, Safety Report, Other. 
  11. Hit Post.

Optional Information

  • Add a pin to a drawing and include markup.
  • Share with any additional companies or people that you’d like to make aware of the issue.
  • Include the weather if relevant and confirm accuracy; adjust as necessary. (Fieldlens will pull local weather based on your project location.)

Send a Report

Need to send a report? You can send a PDF or spreadsheet report to anyone using Fieldlens - here’s how.