Site Observation Reporting

Create detailed records of your site visits and share them with your team. It's easy to track the project’s progress with photos, videos and voice notes on Fieldlens.

How to Enter Required Information

These are our recommendations - your requirements may be different for your team. 


  1. Create a new post.
  2. Include a title for you and others to easily identify the post.
  3. Add a description to provide more specific details.
  4. Add pictures and video.
  5. Tap the tag icon from the toolbar and select a category of “Site Observation" or "Site Observation Report."
  6. Add a location. 
  7. Hit Post.

The post will be shared with your company by default, but you can share it with other users, companies or email addresses — even contacts who aren't Fieldlens users — from the To: field at the top of the Create screen.  

You can filter for the category of "Site Observation" to view or report on all relevant posts together.