On a lot of projects you’ll find you’re dealing with the same issues over and over. Use Fieldlens to quickly create Work-to-Complete lists that you can easily manage from your mobile device.

Create your Work-to-Complete List

  • Create the first task for your Work-to-Complete list. Include a title and any necessary details.
  • Add assignee(s) to responsible people, companies or disciplines (drywall contractor, electrician, etc.).
  • Add a category of “Work-to-Complete” to each task.
  • Add a location of “Template” to each task.
  • Hit Post.
  • Repeat for each task that will be part of your Work-to-Complete list.



Duplicate your Work-to-Complete list to other Project Locations

  • From the web app, filter your Feed for the Work-to-Complete list applying the “Template” location and the “Work-to-Complete” category filters.
    Note: Be sure to save this filter.
  • When viewing the saved filter, click the bulk select check box at the top of the Feed. Click the Duplicate button from the selections at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Duplicate Items to New Locations.”
  • Select all Locations that you would like the Work-to-Complete Items to be duplicated to.
  • Click Duplicate.
    Note: All posts will be copied as new in an “Open” status to each location specified.

Now as you’re walking the job you can filter your Feed by location to see the Work-to-Complete list for each location. You can add pictures or additional detail to any of the posts, or close posts that are completed or no longer relevant.