Meeting Minutes

Having effective meetings can make or break a project. Fieldlens can help you ensure that people show up ready to solve problems.

Information will be more readily available. Participants will be more prepared. Meetings will be more productive and shorter.

Create your tasks live

As discussion is happening about what needs to get done, create tasks in Fieldlens. Add a “Meeting Minutes” category to each one. The Project Organizer can add the category “Meeting Minutes” through the Project Management page on the web application (accessible via the small gear icon in the project name). 

Assignees will see the tasks posted immediately as they are being discussed. Document the key points of the conversation right in the posts and set due dates for each assignee. 

In between the meetings

Work is getting done and Fieldlens is getting updated. Questions can be asked and answered immediately, and assignees can update their status in Fieldlens in real time.

At the start of every meeting after the first

Filter your Feed to show only open and resolved posts with the category of Meeting Minutes. Run through the posts and update them in real time.

  • Open posts should document any delays, add any new information or assignees, and any changes to the due dates if necessary.
  • Resolved tasks should be either reopened or closed.

Once you’ve reviewed the existing posts, start adding in the next batch. Rinse and repeat.

As contractors get used to the flow and update their posts before the meeting starts, that should lead to shorter and more productive meetings.


You can also save your filter as a Quick Filter so that you can pull it up whenever you need it.

  1. Click the arrow to slide out your filters
  2. Make your selections. Recommended:
    • Posts categorized as “Meeting Minutes.”
    • Tasks, and posts with flags of "Deficiency" and "Safety" that are open or resolved.
  3. Click the save icon at the top of your Feed