Punch List

The way to document and track punch list issues in Fieldlens is to create posts and flag them as deficiencies. 

There are two ways to get there: 

From a new post

  1. From mobile, select New Post.
  2. Add a title. Note: Choose a title that will help people easily identify the issue and type, as the title is the most prominent information displayed in the project Feed.
  3. Add a description - including any direction required.
  4. Tap the three-dot menu.
  5. Tap the deficiency post flag, then head back to your post.
  6. Add assignee(s) - the appropriate person, company or discipline to resolve this issue.
  7. Optional: Add a due date for the task or individual due dates for each assignee, if multiple.
  8. Tap the pin icon in the toolbar to add a location to the post. 
  9. Tap the tag icon in the toolbar to add a category. Common examples: Defect, Not to Spec, Incomplete, Damaged, Workmanship, Other. Note: You may add new Categories on the fly if you don’t see the one you need.
  10. Hit Post.

From a drawing

  1. From mobile, select "Drawings" from the tab menu at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select the drawing you'd like to create a deficiency on.
  3. Long-press on the appropriate location (if you need to, zoom in with your fingers).
  4. Create the issue at your chosen location beginning with step #2 in "From a new post" above. (You can skip step #8.)


* The above are our best practices - your requirements may be different for your team.


Some Additional Options

  • Use "post & copy" from your advanced options to speed up multiple entries. This will carry over the same location, categories, and assignees from post to post and share with the same people.
  • Add photos or video relevant to the issue. Use the Fieldlens built-in photo editor to mark up any photos.
  • Add markup to the drawing if you have pinned the post to a drawing.
  • Check the weather checkbox if weather is relevant to the post.