Getting answers to RFIs can delay trades and hold up the project. At Fieldlens we believe the RFI process should be quick and happen in real time. When you create an RFI in Fieldlens and assign it to the designers, they will get notified immediately. And by sharing with the affected trades, they’ll get the same answers when you do.  

How to Enter Required Information*

(These are our recommendations only and can be adapted to work the way you do.)

  1. Create a new post and add the relevant architect/engineering companies as assignees. Add a due date.
  2. Enter a title, including the RFI number and/or description.
  3. Enter a description and provide specifics about the issue needing direction.
  4. Click on the To: field and select any relevant people or companies that need to be informed.
  5. Tap the tag icon in the toolbar and Add a category of RFI.
  6. If relevant, pin the post to a drawing to indicate the location on the jobsite that the RFI impacts.
  7. Add relevant attachments for supporting documentation, including drawings, cut sheets, photos, etc.
  8. Hit Post. Note: You can also save as a draft if you’d like to review the post later before going live with it.

The assignee(s) will see the post in Fieldlens and/or receive an email. They can react from their Feed, or simply reply to the email (non-Fieldlens contacts). Either will post back to Fieldlens. Assignees who are FieldLens users may also mark their company “Resolved.” Note: Follow-up questions and answers will all be time-stamped and included within the Fieldlens post.

Once the post has been responded to, update the status of the completed RFI to “Closed.” It can now be distributed to relevant subcontractors by adding them as assignees or CCs (on web).