Post Overview

A post is usually a bite-sized piece of information that you document for yourself or share with others. It can be as simple as a photo and a few words or contain as much detail as you want.

You get back rich project data from your posts (Insights and Pulse on the web app), as well as a killer to-do list in Focus from the mobile and web apps.

Posts from you and your team appear, timestamped, in your Feed, where they can be updated and commented on. You can also view posts on top of a project plan, if they’ve been located with a dropped pin.

A quick scan of the posts in the Feed will give you a sense of what’s happening on the jobsite in real time. Tapping into a post gives you the full details including any assignees and their status, who the post was shared with, and more.

Who sees my posts?

That’s up to you. As you’re creating a post on the mobile apps, you’ll notice a “Send to” field at the top of the screen. The default is “My Company” - which means that anyone from your company who’s on the project will see the post. Tap that to change who sees your post or to add more people or companies to share it with. 

Anyone that a post has been assigned to will also see and be able to react to it.

For the Send to and assign fields, you can enter an email address (or select it from your contacts) to include someone that is not a Fieldlens user. They’ll receive an email and can even reply back to it - those replies will post back into Fieldlens.

Post flags

When you need to call attention to a safety or punch list issue, you can easily apply a post flag of “safety” or “deficiency” from the mobile apps. From the web app, you can select a Safety post or Deficiency from the drop-down when creating a New Post.


The posts created by you and the project team are the foundation for Fieldlens reports. When you select “Run post report” from the + button menu on mobile or +Post Report on web, you can select what posts to include in a formatted PDF report. Additional reporting options are available on the web as well - read more here.

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