Categories setup

Categories are a way for your team to keep your project information organized. When used properly they’ll help you quickly find posts, view related posts easily, and send or automate reports.

Categories are common to the project—meaning everyone can see and use them. Project Organizers may choose to create categories for the entire project and then lock them down (recommended).

Some examples of common categories:

  • Daily Report
  • Schedule Impact
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Potential Change Order
  • Water Damage

Set up & manage categories

Project Organizers will typically set up categories at the beginning of a project; this can be done from the Project Settings page on the web app by clicking “Manage Categories.” Like locations, each primary category can have subcategories, nested up to 4 levels.

Once you’ve created one, you can click the category name to edit it, or use the checkboxes to the left of the name to move or deactivate it altogether.

Important note: If the Project Organizer chooses to leave categories unlocked, other users may add new categories while posting.