Looking for a Daily Report?

It’s easy to create a daily report using Fieldlens. Reports can be created from your Android or iOS device or from the web app, and will roll the Posts you select into a formatted PDF report.


From the web app you can even automate reports - frequently daily reports will be scheduled to run every weekday at a specific time. Project teams document their Observations throughout the day, and the Posts are automatically sent in the report, including any pictures and links to video.

Wondering how to create Posts? Read this.

Sending a Daily Report from the Web App

  1. Click Export Report button from the upper right of the web app.

 2. Specify the items to include:


  1. At the top of the Report Creation Page you’ll see a count of Posts that will be included.
  2. Slide the filter menu out from the left to refine your selections or pick a quick filter from the dropdown.
  3. Give your report a title, such as Daily Report, DCR or similar. The project name and date will automatically be included.
  4. Optional: Add any email addresses that you’d like to receive the report. By default the report will be sent to you.
  5. Optional: Add a project code.
  6. Optional: Add any information you’d like to appear at the top of your report in the Notes section.

You’ll see a dropdown menu to set a schedule. Choosing a repeat schedule from this dropdown displays your scheduling menu.


Sending a Daily Report from your iOS or Android device

You can send a daily report from your mobile device as well. Get started by pressing the menu in the upper right and choosing "Run Report" and you'll be dropped into a New Report screen to refine your selection.