Resource Tracking Setup

Resource tracking in Fieldlens allows teams to easily track and report on manpower, equipment and other jobsite resources. This can be done for the current day or backdated to account for an earlier date.


Resource tracking includes the ability to track the number of people onsite for a particular company or trade discipline. Companies that have been added to the directory will automatically be available for this feature when adding resource tracking to a post.


You can track the regular, premium and overtime hours of people on the job, or log hours for equipment or other resources. You can also capture the type of work a resource is performing using unit codes. For example, a carpenter might frame walls in the morning and perform finish work in the afternoon. You can select a unit code for each task performed to get the most accurate reports when you need them.

Fieldlens users from your company will be available for tracking hours automatically, but other people or resources can be added.

These additional names of people, equipment or other resources, as well as your company unit codes, can be set up by your Company Administrator. They are set up at the company level - so setting them up once will apply them across all of your projects.

Adding unit codes

Company Admins add unit codes or workers from the company profile page on the web app. Access the menu in the upper-right corner and select My Company Profile. Once there click Resources and you’ll see buttons to +Add resource and +Add code.

Once a new resource or unit code has been added it will be available in the Resource Tracking option when creating a new post for all of your users on all projects your company is on.