Post - Full Anatomy

Posts can be as quick as a picture - or you can add as much detail as you need to really tell the story. Fieldlens takes your posts and delivers back something powerful: data analytics that keep the team and project on track. 

Create a new post

On mobile click the blue + button at the bottom of your Feed.

In the main form on mobile you’ll see the “Send to” field and be able to add a title and typed description. At the bottom you’ll see the toolbar with the following options:

  • Add an assignee (or multiple) - If your post is about work that needs to get done, tap the assignee icon. You can set a due date for the task - if the same for all assignees - or different due dates for individual assignees by tapping the calendar icon. Learn about assignee status HERE.
  • Add a category - Categories let you easily identify and group similar posts together. You can filter your Feed to get a quick view of them and send reports when needed.
  • Pin your post to a drawing or add a location - Tapping the pin icon and either pinning your post to a drawing or adding a location lets the people know what area of the jobsite you’re referencing.

    Pin to drawing will allow you to pick from your project plans and drop a pin on a specific location.

    Add a location will give you the option to either pick from a list several locations deep (as broad as Building A and as specific as Building A → First Floor → Gymnasium → Men’s room) OR to add a new location by tapping the plus sign at the top of the screen.
  • Add media - Take or attach unlimited photos and video and add them to your posts. After adding a photo to your post, you can use the markup tool to call out any details that need extra attention - just tap the photo in the post to launch the markup.

Adding these details is quick and will help deliver back data for Insights and Pulse on the web. 

Click the menu from the bottom right of the toolbar (indicated by three horizontal dots) to access additional options:

Post Flags - Does your post have to do with a punch list issue? Select the "Deficiency" flag to document it properly. Does your post have to do with a safety issue? Select the "Safety" flag. 

Drawing Markup
You can add markup to a project plan from your mobile device while creating or reacting to a post. This markup will not be on the actual drawing but a snapshot of it that will be included with the post.

Weather - Add current weather based on your project’s location and adjust as needed. Weather will be pulled by your project’s zip code. 

Resource Tracking - Select from lists of resources to enter workers and hours worked (regular, premium or overtime). You can also log unit codes associated with work done. You can also track headcount for companies and disciplines.

Voice Notes - When you’d rather create a hands-free post, you can use the Voice Notes feature.  

Attachments - Attach unlimited documents or other posts from programs like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.