Share to Fieldlens

By using native sharing extensions on both iOS and Android, you can start your workflows outside of the Fieldlens application and bring in the attachments or media that you need on a post. 

You can create drafts that include media and attachments on any project that you have access to. Finish the draft in the app and post when you are ready. 


iOS Share Extension: 

1. From your Photo Gallery or a file attachment, you can select the standard the share icon when viewing an image to start the process of importing and uploading your photos. 


2. Once the image is selected, scroll to find the "Fieldlens" icon in the bottom bar. If you do not see the icon, please make sure you have the app installed and press the "..." more menu to turn on the application under the "Activities" menu. 


3. Once selected, you can initiate the creation of a draft by entering a title and choosing a project. All active projects will show in the project selection screen. 

Please note that you must be logged in to Fieldlens application to complete these actions. 


4. When ready, you can hit Post to start uploading the attachments and media in a draft to the project that you selected. 

5. Open the Fieldlens app, switch to the "Drafts" quick filter and start editing the rest of your post. 

6. Post when ready.